About Charles
Charles W. Falk is a Native Houstonian born in 1955. He has been a Photographer and Cinematographer for over 30 years. Charles has produced images and films in all 48 contiguous states and more than a dozen foreign countries.

His Commercial photography background gives him the technical expertise to accomplish the widest range of photographic assignments. Though he is an expert with posing, his photojournalism experience gives him the spontaneity that it takes to grab that great shot and let the "inner self" come out in his clients.

In 1995 he became one of the leaders in the industry of Digital Photography by incorporating Digital Imaging into his Kingwood facility, the largest and most technically advanced studio in the area. He has studied and lectured in Canada, Germany, England, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Korea and Africa. He holds a Masters Degree in Photography.

Charles was the year 2001 President of the Photographers Guild of Houston, the second largest Photographic guild in the nation. As a former member of Texas Professional Photographers (TPPA), The American Society of Photographers (ASP), and The Professional Photographers of America (PPA), he became a Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) in 1998. He was the first Certified Electronic Imager (CEI) in Texas in 2000. Charles has recieved numerous local, state, national and international awards.

He frequently lectures to groups on Photography and Digital Imaging in both the public and private sectors around the country, including other local photographers!